Basics of Emergency Dental Care

Are you experiencing dental issues and are looking for emergency dental care? Knowing about the basics of emergency dental care and the difference between it and non-urgent dental care can help you get the proper treatment quickly.

It can be a worrying time when you realize something is wrong with your teeth or mouth. While some issues can be dealt with at home using over-the-counter treatments for a temporary fix, other problems need to be seen urgently and with immediate attention from an emergency dentist.

What Is A Dental Emergency?

Emergency dental care is required for severe pain, swelling, bleeding, lacerations to gums, fractured teeth, and similar issues. A dental emergency is something that isn’t classified as routine care. Routine dental care or preventative treatment usually involves check-up care, cleaning, etc.

That said, some dental emergencies are more severe than others, and it might not always be apparent immediately how urgent your issue is. However, talking to emergency dentists can help to determine if you need to see a dentist fix your dental problems or if you can wait for a routine appointment or even self-treat.

In most cases, emergency dental care needs to be seen urgently. Our dentists at Hickory Dental Care will strive to see you as soon as possible if you are experiencing a dental emergency.

The Basics of Emergency Dental Care

In the first instance, our experienced dentists will determine your current dental care concerns and ask if they require emergency treatment.

Examples of non-emergency problems include; a dull toothache, lost crowns or fillings, food lodged in between teeth, tooth sensitivity, or a small chip or crack in a tooth. If applicable, you will be able to make a routine appointment for one of these issues with our dentists.

If you are experiencing any of the following, our team will ensure you are seen as quickly as possible;

  • Excessive dental pain that interferes with your life.
  • Swelling to the gums and/or face.
  • Broken, cracked, or missing teeth due to an accident or injury to the mouth.
  • Root canals or extractions.
  • Bleeding that doesn’t stop.

Emergency dental care is reserved for those who require immediate attention. Our dentists treat every admission with the utmost care and attention to resolve the problem and improve your dental condition.

Trauma to the mouth can be painful and unsettling, which is why we treat you quickly using only the latest in technological advances and patient treatment practices for the best results.

Our emergency dental care includes some or all of the following;

  • Examination, assessment, or advice.
  • Extraction.
  • Dressing of teeth.
  • X-rays or other diagnostic tests.
  • Urgent treatment for acute conditions such as dental abscesses.
  • Treatment required as the result of a trauma.
  • Temporary bridges.
  • Pain relief and investigation into the cause of the pain.
  • Follow-up care if needed.

Once we have completed the work for your dental emergency in the fully equipped practice, you will be advised on the next steps if further care or treatment is required.

Tips for Dealing with Emergency Dental Problems

In some cases, you may not be able to be seen instantly; however, while you wait for your emergency dental appointment, there are some things you can do to help ease the situation.

  • For excessive bleeding, add gauze and pressure to the area by biting down if you can and rinse your mouth and avoid eating or drinking until you have seen the dentist.
  • If a tooth has fallen out, rinse the tooth if you have it and try to put it back into the position. If this fails, clean your mouth and the tooth and put the tooth into milk as it will dry out if left uncovered. This will keep the tooth in good condition so the dentist can assess if it can be reattached.
  • Rinse your mouth and apply a compress to your face for broken or cracked teeth to reduce pain. Do not add aspirin to the tooth as this can damage gums.
  • Do not pop a gum abscess; seek emergency dental care as this will not go away on its own.

Scheduling An Emergency Dentist Appointment

If you are experiencing a dental emergency,  you can contact Hickory Dental Care and speak to one of our team, who will be more than happy to help new and existing patients.

The faster you resolve your dental problems, the lower the risk of more complications arising as a result of the damage sustained to your teeth or mouth.

We appreciate that not all dental emergencies happen inside of office hours but give us a call to find out when we can schedule you for emergency dental care or seek assistance in obtaining temporary relief until you can see a dentist.