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Laser Dentistry: The Modern, Comfortable Dental Solution

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Get the Treatment You Need Without the Discomfort

Oftentimes when patients delay treatment, it is out of fear of pain or the unknown, or because of lengthy recovery times. To help you get the dental treatment you need, when you need it, we offer virtually pain-free laser dentistry in our office. Dr. Dale Spencer and Dr. Jamison Probst can use this modern solution for a variety of dental procedures, offering comfortable care and healthier smiles with minimal downtime.

The Modern Treatment Alternative

Dr. Spencer and Dr. Probst have incorporated this advanced piece of dental laser technology into our practice to offer patients a safe and comfortable alternative to many dental treatments:

Crown Lengthening:

By gently removing excess gum tissue, this procedure can prepare a tooth for a crown or filling, or transform a gummy smile into a balanced one.

Frenectomy (tongue-tie):

In some cases, the tongue’s full range of motion is restricted by excess tissue (the frenulum). This tissue is gently cut with the laser to improve speaking difficulties.


In the case of severe periodontal disease, traditional treatment may not be enough. Using laser dentistry, diseased gum tissue is removed and reshaped to reveal a healthy smile.

Gum Grafting:

Receding gums expose the root of the tooth causing tooth sensitivity and elongated teeth. This procedure replaces tissue restoring a healthy smile.

Virtually Pain-Free. No Downtime.

Laser dentistry uses a gentle but powerful laser that is used to restore health to the smile in less time than traditional treatments. By choosing to have laser dentistry in your treatment plan, you are choosing:

  • A virtually pain-free treatment
  • Less bleeding
  • Faster healing time
  • No drills or scalpels
  • Quick, easy treatment and minimal healing time
Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is helping our patients get the dental care they need, comfortably. Call our office to learn how laser dentistry can fit into your treatment plan.

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